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Three Ways to Have a Friggin' Great 2020 Holiday

Allow me to inspire you to continue your health journey with these tips on how to have a friggin' awesome holiday season:

1. The Time & Date Does Not Matter

Who says you have to actually celebrate on the 25th? Be flexible if you can and enjoy the moment whenever it may be, have a Zoom on the 25th with your extended family and plan a Christmas next May if you have to! How cool would that be?

2. Enjoy your treats, mindfully

Does your aunt make the most mouth watering date balls you've ever tasted? Awesome! Have one. Enjoy it sitting down, with no distractions, chew each bite twenty times, and savor it! It's surprising how much tastier and savorier (isn't that a word?) a treat is when you really take it in mindfully. I bet you'll be less tempted to go back for more.

3. Be grateful, dangit.

This year is different. There will most likely be less of your loved ones around. Over the next two weeks, take a moment each day to be grateful for the ones who surround you. How have they supported you? How have they brought you joy and made you smile? In the past week, the past month? The past year?

Change is hard, but by being flexible with plans and socially distant gatherings we are creating new brain pathways! We are creating new and possibly more fun, adaptable traditions for our next generation. This month I've been thinking about what I can do instead of what I can't. I bought new winter hikers because I love walking my dog every day no matter the weather. It's a new tradition I've never done this consistently, but I'm proud of it and the dog loves it.

How can you motivate yourself to enjoy what you CAN do today?

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To give yourself a hug, wrap your arms around yourself, close your eyes and take a deep breath. #selfcareishealthcare.

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