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I'm now a massage therapist AND a health coach, and this is how I can help you.

So a couple years ago I decided to switch careers. I was a veterinary technician at the time. Although I enjoyed the animals and the work itself, I kept hearing little signs telling me I was meant for bigger things.

I had this idea of helping people find balance in their lives, and I wanted to run with it. But I didn't know exactly where to start. Through a series of events I found myself applying to massage school. Thirteen months later I was starting my own business in Cranston. Boom. No regrets.

I was loving the massage, getting into the flow with my clients, and enjoying the challenges of solopreneur-ship. However, I kept hearing a small voice in the back of my head suggesting I wasn't the best resource for my clients. You could call it lack of confidence as a new massage therapist, I saw it as another sign from the universe telling me to help more clients with balance in their habits and choices. Hit the books? Sure, but I needed experience....and a legit school or certification.

So in February I started a "health journey" that included classes on mindful eating and plant based diets. I started eating mostly organic and playing with regular yoga and meditation. I explored intermittent fasting to overcome my compulsive eating. With my regular exercise incorporated into these practices, I lost thirty pounds and dropped two dress sizes.

Here's the thing: The intention was the key.

My goal was to become the best version of myself, to feel healthy and be a resource of holistic health for my clients, specializing in self care through nutrition and exercise. The goal was not to lose weight. It was a side effect. Same thing with my hair, nails, skin, self confidence, and overall energy level. They have all improved because of my intention.

These photos are from the past two years. Notice that I used to cover my stomach or just take headshots....

Now check out the photos I've taken (or have allowed to have been taken of me) lately:

Big Ol Fat Change! More confidence, more freedom, more brilliant vibes of feeling comfortable in my own skin, and being able to express it. And feeling comfortable sharing it with the world.

I held myself accountable for the changes I wanted to make and keep. And I had professionals who held me accountable for the changes I wanted to see.

I'm proof that It's more effective to have someone to keep you accountable. That's where I can help. My coaching focuses on self care practices that you create for yourself to appreciate your intention. You'll use me as a guide to incorporate these practices into your lifestyle, so they become engrained habits and ways of thinking.

I excel with strategies that reduce inflammation and stress. I am a resource for plant based eating, sustainable living, and incorporating more exercise into your daily life. I am also obsessed with crowding out refined and processed foods from our American diets.

So now I ask you....

What is one thing you can do to improve your health in the next thirty days?

Let's chat about it below, because now I like to!

Amber Ramey, LMT

Health Coach Specializing in Self Care


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Amber is a licensed massage therapist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

She is certified in health coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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