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How to Eat Less and Feel Fuller: A Taste of Mindfulness Eating

Who else loves to over eat and doesn't know when to stop, how to stop or is curious about their resulting health?

I just finished my first mindfulness eating class. It's changed my relationship with food in many healthy ways. So many Americans, myself included, eat too fast, while distracted, and don't feel satiated afterwards. Did you know you could have a perfectly clean diet but if you're eating too much you could still end up with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc?

This course has opened my eyes and eating.....down......

When was the last time you took 20 minutes to do nothing else but sit and enjoy your food?

Here are a couple tips I have learned; try these the next time you sit down and eat. This can be a meal, a breakfast smoothie, a snack, anything.

  1. Put your phone, book, tablet, laptop, newspaper, tv, homework, children, (just kidding), turned off or away. (This is actually a GREAT practice for kids, too!)

  2. Take a couple breaths right before you begin to eat. Look at your food. Make a mind to stomach connection.

  3. Take 15-20 minutes to eat your food. Attempt to chew 20 times.

See where this takes you! You might start to feel fuller, faster! Because you're letting your stomach have a chance to begin digesting. Remember to do this all without judgement, and just notice what happens. I did some note taking my first week to help.

Have an awesome weekend!

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Amber is a licensed massage therapist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

She has earned her mid certificate badge as a health coaching student of Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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