About Amber

Hey guys! Allow me to introduce myself....I'm Amber!


I began my career in holistic health because I wanted to create a work environment that focused on feeling well. You know, like feeling healthy and energized and stress free. (Rather than waking up in the morning, dragging my feet into a work atmosphere where coworkers bragged about how poorly they ate, how little sleep they got, how awful they felt, etc.) So I made it happen.   


For me, massage therapy is how I help clients find their mind to body connection. As a believer in the connection of emotional, physical and mental pain, my methods assist you to acknowledge your discomfort in order to release it. I love how the body acclimates, and shows us how it's compensating. Every time I meet with a client, I have a silent conversation with their muscles. The more you visit, the more you will benefit. 

My experience and training include sports injuries, accidents, trauma, long term illnesses, competitive athletes, corporate athletes, and those with active lifestyles. 

I know what chronic pain feels like. I've learned that understanding the source of pain and how the body works anatomically can be quite profound. Using mindfulness, we can be so much more aware of our specific muscles and how we use (or overuse) them. With my inquisitive approach and effective communication skills, I'll help you find your composure and feel more like you.  

Have you heard about health coaching?

This term gets thrown around a lot along with the word, "wellness." Blegh.


Our world has changed to virtual and I have changed with it. Along with massage, I'm helping my clients who are a little too nervous to come into the massage room with their health goals. As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am certified to help my clients make changes, but doing so in practical steps. There's no die hard method or product to buy! 


Mainly because what helped me lose thirty pounds might not be what's effective for you. The idea is to guide you to figure out what makes you feel absolutely 150% your best. And I have the skills to do so. 

What I'm Passionate About:

Sustainable, environmentally conscious Living/Eating

Curbing Compulsive Eating Using Mindfulness

Self Care Routines

Weight Loss

Physical Activity


Saving Money

Preventing Chronic Illness

Remember, self care is health care!

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Amber is amazing!! After searching for a sports massage therapist I stumbled upon Composure and couldn't be happier! After every session I always feels so much better and more relaxed.

Mary Rose


10 Worthington Road

*Suite G - Shared With Power Of Touch Sports Massage*

Cranston RI


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Amber is a licensed massage therapist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

She has earned her mid certificate badge as a health coaching student of Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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