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Custom Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a variety of massage techniques designed to approach a specific area. The main purpose is to expand freedom of movement and develop wider range of motion. 

30* Min - 50$

60 Min - 80$


Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. Amount of pressure applied varies from person to person. 

60 Min - 80$

80 Min - 115$

*Please note 30 minute treatments are not applicable for Nift customers.


Now offering Membership Packages!

Membership Packages Will Include
6 month or 12 month Packages
  • Priority scheduling

  • Recipient transfer with 24 hours notice

  • Complimentary Discovery Session With Restore Physical Therapy 

  • Complimentary Personal Training Session with an Olympia Fitness + Performance Trainer

  • Cancel any time

  • Choose from:

       One 60 minute session per month for $80

        Two 60 minute sessions per month for $150



Massage therapy is a way of helping clients find their mind to body connection. As a believer in the connection of emotional, physical and mental pain, my methods assist you to acknowledge your discomfort in order to release it. My experience and training include sports injuries, accidents, trauma, long term illnesses, stress relief, and those who simply want to feel better. The more knowledgeable a client is about the source of their discomfort, the easier to find the path to control pain management.

I know what chronic pain feels like. I've learned that understanding the source of pain and how the body works anatomically can be quite profound. Using mindfulness, we can be so much more aware of our specific muscles and how we use (or overuse) them. With my inquisitive approach and effective communication skills, I'll help you find your composure and feel more like you.  

*Please note changes due to Phase II Reopening

10 Worthington Road

*Suite G - Shared With Power Of Touch Sports Massage*

Cranston RI



Sun     Closed

Mon    1:15 - 6:00 PM

Tue      Closed

Wed    9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
            12:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Thu      1:15 - 6:00 PM

Fri        9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Sat       By appointment




Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback about your exceptional care. Sessions with you are time well spent due to your willingness to communicate, the time you take to gather a complete medical history and your ability to design treatment plans based both on what my body needs on the day and based on my long term physical demands.  Your work brings me pain relief, improves my joint mobility and helps me take better care of myself.  And equally importantly, my visits with you remind me that it is important to take the time to do just that.  


I saw Amber yesterday and I'm glad that I did. I have received two professional massages in my life, one about 20 years ago and yesterday! My first experience with another masseuse was uncomfortable. Yesterday however, was a very pleasant experience and I'm so happy that I went to see Amber. Amber does sports massage and really knows how to work the muscles for health. It isn't just a luxury service (it still feels great) but one that is meant to release tension in the muscles to keep you healthy and reduce injury either from exercise, sports or the stress of everyday life. I had thought that a one hour session would be enough since I was hesitant to try massage again but I was wrong. Not because one hour wasn't effective, it is, but rather because it was such a pleasant experience that I wanted it to continue. Amber is a professional but she is also fun, smart, and has a wonderful personality. I chatted with her like we were old friends for nearly the entire session. I hope that you'll go to see her too.  


Composure Sports Massage

10 Worthington Road Cranston, RI 02920


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